Rust to Blue

Rust to Blue: Buffalo Niagara's New Economy

Fall Shoreline Sweep















Fall Shoreline Sweep Registration is now open!

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Fall River Academy Registration is now open

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River Tours

Habitat Strategy

Niagara River Greenway Habitat Conservation Strategy

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels are an important way for residents of Buffalo, Erie, and Niagara Counties to save water and reduce the amount of polluted runoff entering our streams, creeks, rivers, and Lake Erie. Help us Keep the Rain from the Drain!

RIVERKEEPER is a community-based organization dedicated to protecting the quality and quantity of water, while connecting people to water. We do this by cleaning up pollution from our waterways, restoring fish and wildlife habitat, and enhancing public access through greenways that expand parks and open space.

Riverkeeper is a member of the global WATERKEEPER ALLIANCE.