Buffalo River Summit Highlighted Progress on the Waterfront

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Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper welcomed over 100 local and regional stakeholders to the annual Buffalo River Summit held at Templeton Landing on May 21st.  Congressman Brian Higgins offered a keynote address and was joined by top leaders from the USEPA-Great Lakes National Program Office, and the

International Joint Commission.  Over 15 speakers from agencies, community groups, and private business all spoke about recent investment and commitment to the restoration of theBuffaloRiver.

“TheBuffaloRiverhas become a national success story in its remarkable recovery since being declared dead in 1965.  The recovery includes environmental, recreational and economic revitalization efforts that are being implemented by a variety of community groups and agencies,” said Jill Jedlicka, the Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper.  “Coordination and collaboration on projects that offer multiple community benefits is a priority for Riverkeeper and our partners.” 

Immediately following the morning session, a guided tour of the lower Buffalo River was conducted aboard the Miss Buffalo II.  Participants were able to see recently completed public access and revitalization projects as well as areas identified for future restoration.

Last summer, the river saw the start last of a multi-year environmental dredging project conducted by the US Army Corps of Engineers, in partnership with USEPA, NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper and Honeywell.

The lower 6.2 miles of theBuffaloRiver, including the 1.4 mile City Ship Canal, is a federally-designated “Great Lakes Area of Concern”. Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper is the Remedial Action Plan Coordinator and is responsible for engaging and coordinating with partners to implement restoration efforts that will ultimately lead to the “delisting” the river as an Area of Concern.