Bird Avenue “Real-Time Control” grey infrastructure project

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Combined Sewer Overflows are the largest ongoing source of pollution to our local waterways. Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper has a long-term vision for our region to utilize green infrastructure applications, that when scaled across the public and private sectors, will result in virtual elimination of overflows into all of our waterways. Riverkeeper worked for nearly a decade to see that the highest-possible level of green infrastructure solutions were included in the Buffalo Sewer Authority’s Long Term Control Plan. While the resulting federally ordered mandate included just 30 percent of the sewer abatement projects to be considered “green infrastructure,” this is one of the highest percentages of green solutions in any control plan across the country.

For more information about Riverkeeper’s position on the control plan:

For a full copy of our Green Infrastructure Solutions Report:

We understand that construction on Bird Avenue related to a “Real-Time Control” grey infrastructure project has been and will continue to be disruptive to the neighborhood this summer.  When complete, however, the project will result in immediate and dramatic water-quality improvements to Scajaquada Creek, the Black Rock Canal and ultimately the Niagara River. This is also designed to provide protection to local homeowners from sewage backups and overflows. To accelerate water-quality improvements and reduce future infrastructure disruptions, Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper will continue to work with the BSA as well as other regional municipalities to replace or modify traditional grey infrastructure projects with innovative green methodologies whenever possible.

Specific questions regarding about Bird Avenue and other grey infrastructure projects should be directed to the BSA.

For more information about Real Time Control technology, refer to the USEPA Guidance: