Microbead Legislation

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New York waters are being polluted with microbeads: tiny plastic beads produced for use as abrasives in cosmetics and personal care products. Across the state, nineteen tons of microbeads are washed down the drain each year and many end up in New York’s waters, where they remain for decades, acting as sponges for toxic chemical pollutants. When consumed by fish and wildlife, microbeads allow pollutants to enter the food chain.  Buffalo Niagara RIVERKEEPER has been active in supporting legislation to ban the use of microbeads in product manufacturing, however, some of the currently proposed legislation is not strong enough for such a ban.

Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper has issued a Memorandum of Opposition to S.4403 which outlines why this bill is not effective in its stated goal to “prevent the continued use of microbeads in order to protect our aquatic environments, wildlife and public health.”  Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper strongly urges the Senate to reject S.4403 and continue support for A.5896/S.3932 as the only viable legislative strategy to protect New York waters and our Great Lakes from microbead pollution.

Click the link below to read the full memorandum:
Buffalo Niagara RIVERKEEPER S.4403 Memorandum of Opposition (3-23-2015)