Bid for Ellicott Creek Park is Available!

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We are pleased to announce that Request for Proposal is officially posted for our Living Shorelines project at Ellicott Creek Park!

The RFP for Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper’s Living Shoreline project at Ellicott Creek Park is currently available. The project will restore approximately 450 linear feet of shoreline bordering Ellicott Creek, located on county parkland in the Town of Tonawanda, New York. The project aims to create a self-sustaining system for both aquatic and terrestrial habitats.

We are excited to be able to work with Erie County Parks to improve conditions within Ellicott Creek Park. This project will help to address the erosion (pictured below) and undercutting that is occurring along the creek which has led to property loss and multiple trees that are falling, or have already fallen into the channel (pictured below). The end result will create a more natural, self-sustaining shoreline that will offer improved habitat and water quality while incorporating better access and interaction for park users.


Physical components of this project include:

– Enhanced grading to create berms, depressions, and a gradual grade along the shoreline

– A bioswale to capture and treat runoff

– A turtle nesting beach

– In-water habitat logs and boulder piles

– New trees and shrubs in riparian and upland habitat areas

– In-water plantings along the shoreline

– Seeded turf and native plant areas

– Anchoring of an existing fallen tree

– Installation of bird boxes


Restoration activities in upland areas include enhancement of existing topographic features including berms and depressions and planting of native species. A bioswale will be created in order to improve interaction between the land and water in order to allow for the absorption of runoff and provide a seasonal wetland habitat. The project will also involve creating a gentle slope along the shoreline along with stabilization elements including live stakes, native plants, and coir fabric. Boulders, aquatic and emergent vegetation, and tree material will be incorporated to enhance in-water habitat and provide additional protection from erosive forces.


For more details or questions please contact Monica Lippens,

Bid Packages can be viewed at:

More information on BNR’s Living Shorelines Program: