Staff and Directors

Jill Spisiak Jedlicka
Executive Director and Riverkeeper
Extension 21

Alanna Burt_small

Alanna Burt
Director of Advancement
Extension 13

Renata Niedzwiecka Kraft
Director of Bioregional and Urban Design
Extension 37


Kelly Mayer

Director of Finance and Operations
Extension 18

Kerrie Gallo
Director of Ecological Programs
Extension 30


Robbyn Drake
Director of Citizen Action
Extension 12

Joel Bernosky

Joel Bernosky
Project Coordinator
Extension 17

Joseph Gould

Natural Resource Planner
Extension 27

Joy Knowlton_small

Joy Knowlton

Operations Manager
Extension 11

Joshua Konovitz
Field Project Coordinator
Extension 29

Susan Kornacki_small

Susan E. Kornacki

Communications and Development Manager
Extension 38

Ba Zan Lin
Environmental Justice Outreach Coordinator
Extension 26

coming soon

Monica Lippens
Administrative and Operations Assistant
Extension 10

John Lutz_small

John Lutz
Sr. Program Manager
Extension 35

Matt Mattison
Assistant Director – Bioregional and Urban Design
Extension 33

Chris Murawski_small

Chris Murawski
Citizen Engagement Projects Manager
Extension 39

Charles Oddo_small

Charles Oddo
Landscape Architect Planner
Extension 20

Emily Sadowski
Natural Resource Planner
Extension 16

Jarrett Steffen
Citizen Action Coordinator
Extension 19

Laurie Stillwell
Assistant Director of Planning
Extension 14

Jeffrey Tunkey
Landscape Planner
Extension 32

Margaux Valenti_small

Margaux Valenti, Esq.
Program Advisor
Extension 28

coming soon

David Warner
Rain Check Coordinator
Extension 23

Katherine Winkler_small

Katherine Winkler

Buffalo River RAP Project Manager
Extension 15

NOTE: Extension numbers above refer to RIVERKEEPER office phone, 716-852-7483.

Professional portraits courtesy of Katie Schneider, Katie Schneider Photography,

RIVERKEEPER Board of Directors

2015 Board Member Headshots Grouped

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