Tops Gas Station

Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper recently submitted comments to the City of Buffalo Planning Board regarding the proposed gas station at 333 Amherst Street.


In light of the renewed community interest in a healthy, publicly-accessible Scajaquada Creek, the on-going projects to restore water quality and ecological health to this part of the Niagara River watershed, and the sensitivity of this particular site, Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper maintains that building a gas station at this location does not represent the highest and best use for this site.


There are three specific issues of concern for Riverkeeper relative to our mission:
1) Impacts on stream ecology potentially associated with underground storage tanks;
2) Impacts on water quality from stormwater loadings from the parking lot and service areas;
3) Impacts on the community’s access to the Scajaquada Creek corridor, including the Jesse Kregal Pathway.


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