About Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure comes in many forms, all of which serve the main rain garden in Niagara Fallspurpose of infiltrating, evaporating or recycling storm water runoff.  Some are complex and expensive while others are simple and economical.  Nevertheless, all do the important job of conserving our precious resource, water.

Why use Green Infrastructure?

To help protect and restore naturally functioning ecosystems and provide a framework for future development. Green Infrastructure provides a diversity of ecological, social, and economic functions along with benefits:

–       Enriched habitat and biodiversity

–       Maintenance of natural landscape processes

–       Cleaner air and water

–       Increased recreational and transportation opportunities

–       Improved health

–       Better connection to nature and sense of place

Well planned green space has also been shown to increase property values and decrease the costs of public infrastructure and public services, including the costs for storm water management and water treatment systems.

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Types of Green Infrastructure

Examples in Buffalo


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