Thank you RestoreCorps volunteers for making this a successful field season!11703369_10153565938627147_1276179280756753226_n

This past summer and fall, Riverkeeper was provided assistance by volunteers on two related projects; the Native Niagara project, and the RiverBend Phase I habitat restoration project.

Native Niagara project events – Riverkeeper is collecting seeds and seedlings from local populations of native tree and shrub species to propagate and reintroduce to restoration sites in the Niagara River watershed. As the harvest season comes to the region, we would like to reach out to our community to assist us by joining us in the field at a number of different locations to collect seeds as they become available.

We have to ask that volunteers do not collect from outside of Riverkeeper RestoreCorps events, since Riverkeeper has been granted permission from the landowners to perform collection events, and that all of the specimen collected be used for local habitat restoration projects. However, any landowners that wish to contribute seeds or seedlings to the project are encouraged to contact Field Project Coordinator Joshua Konovitz regarding species identification, information, and for pickup or dropoff of collected specimen.

The fair fall weather also provides ideal conditions for planting. Here volunteers can help Riverkeeper bring the Native Niagara project full circle, transplanting specimen from collections to habitat restoration sites, where they will revitalize riparian ecosystems.

Follow the link below to the RestoreCorps Event Registration Page for dates and sites for collection and transplanting events. Please note, locations may be subject to change prior to an event. Volunteers will receive a reminder email before their scheduled upcoming event providing meeting location details, and notifying them of any changes, if applicable.

RiverBend Phase I habitat restoration –  Riverkeeper is excited to welcome volunteers to our RiverBend Phase I site at 1140 South Park Avenue. The riparian buffer and habitat restoration construction at RiverBend Phase I has been completed, and Riverkeeper is currently managing the invasive species and nuisance weeds on the site.

We welcome your help! Join RestoreCorps, and provide vital stewardship to the establishment of the habitat at RiverBend Phase I by uprooting invasive species and spreading soil and mulch around the planted trees and shrubs. By removing weeds and spreading mulch, volunteers have the opportunity to help new plants and trees survive and thrive along our shorelines.

This is your opportunity to contribute your time and skills towards a more diverse ecosystem and a healthy natural environment along the banks of the Buffalo River. RestoreCorps provides volunteer power for habitat restoration, and is also a fun opportunity to meet like-minded people and while making a lasting contribution to one of our region’s greatest natural resources: our water.  Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to these activities, we’d love to have you join us!

CLICK HERE to join the RestoreCorps email list

Please note that some event locations, including RiverBend PhaseI, so please only visit during a RestoreCorps event.

Riverkeeper has acquired collection event permissions to collect from the event sites. Please respect that these projects are intended to promote natural conservation and habitat restoration. We ask that volunteers collect only 10% of available seed, and only during Riverkeeper RestoreCorps events.

Questions?  Contact Joshua Konovitz, Field Project Coordinator, at or (716) 852-7483 ext 29, or on his cell (716) 817-4379.

Stay tuned for future updates and additional volunteering opportunities, too. Riverkeeper is currently involved in the construction of numerous habitat restoration projects in our watershed, and future events will include additional sites and varied projects beyond weeding and mulching.


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